What If Benchmark Does Not Complete

Some users reported that when setting up the Computta app, the last step – the benchmark – never completes OR crashes and terminates the app or even restarts the computer.

This is how it looks

The benchmark just hangs there and never ends, though normally it would end in 5-7 minutes.

This issue most likely is caused by your graphics card (GPU). It may happen if you are using a weak GPU, old video card drivers or have small RAM on your computer.

The same problem can also happen if you are behind some kind of a firewall setup by Windows or your anti-virus or connection with our servers is somehow interrupted during the benchmarking process.

Here is what you can do:

1. Install the latest drivers for your video card from the vendor’s official site.

2. Before installing the app/running the benchmark, please make sure to switch OFF your anti-virus.

3. Please disable or remove this Google Chrome extension if you have it: Desprotetor de Links. It is known to interfere with Computta app setup and benchmark.

Now see if this fixes your issue.

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